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ivoh | November 18, 2017

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Personal Essay

Welcome to Widowhood : Anniversaries, birthdays and the day he died

October 9, 2017 |

For Allyson’s portraits, she took me on a hike in Salt Lake City. “The outdoors is my happy place,” she told me. All photos courtesy of Rachael Cerrotti.


By: Rachael Cerrotti

Rachael Cerrotti is a Boston-based freelance photographer and writer, as well … Read More

Welcome to Widowhood: Finding community inside of grief (in the digital world)

August 24, 2017 |

Sergiusz, Rachael Cerrotti’s late-husband, enjoys the fourth of July nearby his in-laws home outside of Boston. It was his first Independence Day as a husband and an immigrant to the United States. July 2016. All images by and courtesy of Rachael … Read More

Welcome to Widowhood

July 10, 2017 |

Self-portrait in San Francisco on what would be my husband’s 29th birthday. June 5, 2017. All photos courtesy of Cerrotti.



By: Rachael Cerrotti

Rachael Cerrotti is a Boston-based freelance photographer and writer, as well as a 2015 and 2017 ivoh summit attendee. … Read More

Journalist reflects on the death of her son and sheds light on addiction

April 20, 2017 |

Joline Guiterrez Krueger and her son Devin. All photos courtesy of Krueger. 


By Erin Shaw Street

Erin is Lifestyle Editor at Birmingham, Alabama-based Big Communications, a full-service creative agency. Street, an ivoh core team member, previously served as Deputy … Read More

How writers can help remove labels that overshadow trauma of sexual abuse

May 11, 2016 |


In “The Forced Heroism of the ‘Survivor,’” published earlier this month in the New York Times Magazine, writer and literary critic Parul Sehgal traces the rhetoric used for people who experience sexual abuse.

The essay offers up some valuable … Read More

‘Happy Anyway: A Flint Anthology’ shares what it’s actually like to live in Flint

May 9, 2016 |

“Happy Anyway: A Flint Anthology” cover art. Photo courtesy of Scott Atkinson. 


By Julie Kliegman

Julie is the weekend editor for and a freelance journalist based in New York. She’s written for publications including BuzzFeed, Vox, Mental Floss, … Read More

Five media & art projects that take a nuanced approach to covering transgender stories

May 6, 2016 |

Brian, a Queer Rwandan in Canada is featured in Mikael Owunna’s Limit(less) project. Photo by and courtesy of Owunna. 




The recent “bathroom laws” debate has drawn renewed attention to transgender rights in mainstream media.

The debate provides media practitioners with an … Read More

The Mash-Up Americans explores intersection of race, culture & identity from the frontline of multicultural America

May 4, 2016 |

Amy S. Choi and Rebecca Lehrer, creators of The Mash-Up Americans. Photo courtesy of Choi and Lehrer.




Amy S. Choi and Rebecca Lehrer wanted to create an online space for people who live between multiple cultures, feel … Read More

5 good reads on change, recovery and resilience

April 14, 2016 |

Image courtesy of Jim Merithew from “I Died and Came Back and This is What I Learned.” 




Change, whether experienced across a neighborhood or personally, can cause us to struggle, experience loss and reassess our perspectives. These stories, from five … Read More

Doll Hospital, an art and literature journal on mental health, creates dialogue across a diverse community

February 1, 2016 |

Cover artwork from the first issue of Doll Hospital by and courtesy of Valerie Choi. 



By Julie Kliegman

Julie is the weekend editor for and … Read More