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ivoh | January 16, 2018

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ivoh freelancers



GenevieveBelmakerHeadshot2016cropGENEVIEVE BELMAKER

Genevieve is an award-winning American freelance journalist based in Jerusalem, Israel where she reports on the conflict, the culture, and the news of the region for various publications. She is also author of the Moon Handbooks travel guide entitled “Israel and the West Bank” to be published in November 2016.


Headshot rachaelRachael Cerrotti

Rachael Cerrotti is a Boston-based freelance photographer and writer, as well as a 2015 ivoh summit attendee. You can follow her on Twitter @RachaelCerrotti or Instagram @RCerrotti.


NatalieColemanPortraitNatalie Coleman

Natalie Coleman is a freelance journalist based in Cincinnati. She writes creative nonfiction and long-form narrative journalism with a focus on civil rights, cultural criticism & human-interest stories. She is studying journalism & English at the University of Cincinnati. You can find her on Twitter @nataliecoleman.


 Celeste Hamilton Dennis

Celeste is an editor at OF NOTE Magazine and freelance writer living in Portland, Oregon. When she’s not working on her book of short stories or interviewing social entrepreneurs, she occasionally participates in modern life and tweets @celestehdennis.


Joe DytonJoe Headshot2

Joe Dyton (@JoeDyton) is a freelance journalist and copywriter in Washington, D.C. He can be reached at


SONY DSCAllison Griner

Allison Griner is a freelance journalist and a 2013-2014 fellow with the International Reporting Program. Follow her on Twitter @alligriner.



kliegmanheadshot_squareJulie Kliegman

Julie is a copy editor for “The Ringer” and a freelance journalist based in New York. She’s written for publications including BuzzFeed, Vox, Mental Floss, Paste, the Tampa Bay Times and PolitiFact. Follow her @jmkliegman.


Zebrina Edgerton-Maloy - HeadshotZEBRINA EDGERTON-MALOY

Zebrina Edgerton-Maloy is a freelance multimedia journalist based in Tampa. She is a storyteller with a knack for optimizing multiple mediums to engage readers with a compelling story. Zebrina is determined to positively impact and motivate readers through multimedia storytelling. You can view her other stories on Follow her on Instagram @zebrinaemaloy and Twitter @zebrinaemaloy.


20160221_172559-1Les Neuhaus

Les Neuhaus is a former foreign correspondent, having covered events across East and Central Africa, and the Middle East. He now works as a freelance reporter from his home in the Tampa Bay area. Follow him on Twitter @LesNeuhaus.


KaraNewhouseKara Newhouse

Kara is an education reporter for Lancaster Online, a creator of the Faces of Mental Health Recovery project, and a 2015 ivoh summit attendee. You can follow her on Twitter @KaraNewhouse.


tCk9tg-P_400x400-150x150Asha Siad

Asha Siad is a Somali-Canadian multimedia journalist and documentary filmmaker who has reported for CBC News, the Calgary Journal, Shaw TV and Frontiere News. Asha is also 2015 ivoh summit attendee. You can follow her on Twitter @AshaReports