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ivoh | January 17, 2018

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Research related to ivoh’s work

We’ve curated some recent research that relates to our mission of strengthening the media’s role as an agent of world benefit and constructive change. We define “media” broadly, to include journalism, film, photography, gaming and more.



Restorative Narrative Impact

New research shows journalistic support for Restorative Narrative

University of Oregon professor wins award for her research on restorative narrative

University of Oregon professor receives grant to study Restorative Narrative

ivoh’s Restorative Narrative work featured in new book, ‘The Upside of Stress’


Media & positive emotions

The Science of the story: Experiencing a story alters our neurochemical processes, and stories are a powerful force in shaping human behavior

Research explains why “your biological stress response is telling you to share your story.”

How positive emotions can broaden the scope of attention and thought-action repertoires

The powerful effect that positive stories can have on people 

Same issue, different frame: The benefits of keeping it positive


Media and stress

How news can contribute to daily stress

What constant exposure to media violence is doing to our mental health 

The ties between traumatic media coverage & acute stress

The psychological effects of TV news

Covering trauma: Impact on the public

Relationship between social media and stress is indirect, Pew study finds


Trust in the media

Respect for journalists’ contributions to society has fallen significantly in recent years

Trust in the media returns to an all-time low


Shifts in media & technology

How the news got less mean

Why newspapers’ future is looking up

In constant digital contact, we feel “alone together”


Peace journalism

Conflict reporting in the South Pacific: why peace journalism has a chance

In defense of Peace Journalism


Solutions journalism

Solutions-based stories heighten people’s perceived knowledge & sense of evicacy

How solutions journalism improves coverage and engages readers



Video games

How video games can aid the healing process

Researchers find video games like SuperBetter are helping to decrease anxiety, depression

How news organizations are using video games to enhance their storytelling