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ivoh | January 17, 2018

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Our supporters

We are grateful for the generous support we receive from people and foundations that see value in the work we do. With special thanks to …


Bob and Christine Stiller 

Both philanthropists, the Stillers have been generous supporters of ivoh. Bob, who is on ivoh’s Board of Advisors, founded Green Mountain Coffee Roasters in Vermont. He also founded the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Foundation and the Stiller Family Foundation (previously the Inner Solutions Institute), which received an award for its work as the “most outstanding foundation” in 2013. The Stillers’ son, Dave, is an ivoh board member.


The Whitman Institute

The Whitman Institute is a private foundation that funds organizations that “explore diverse viewpoints broadly and engage across difference, sector and geography.” The institute focuses on four main principles: listening, relationship-building, collaboration, and dialogue. The institute’s executive director, John Esterle, is an ivoh board member.


Swanee Hunt 

As president of the Hunt Alternatives Fund, Swanee has committed more than $130 million in grants and endowments to projects that promote social change locally and globally. She founded the Women and Public Policy Program at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, where she is the Eleanor Roosevelt Lecturer in Public Policy. She is currently writing a book called “Rwandan Women Rising.”

Thank You to the supporters of ivoh’s Restorative Narrative crowdfunding campaign

Roberta Baskin
Judy Rodgers
Molly Schmidt
John Esterle
Mary C Zuegner
Rachael Cerrotti
Caitlin Moorman
Andrew Tenore
Mallary Tenore
Gloria Muñoz
Vanessa Rhinesmith
Takamichi Baba
Eva Baskiin
Mindy Mattison
Lennon Flowers
David Stiller
Patrick Kitano
Keith Hammonds
Al Muñoz
Michael Hann
Paul Baron
Jesikah M Ross
Melanie Green
April and Jeff Johnson
Roy Peter Clark
Ann DeMarle
Megan Monahan
Jennifer Wilson
Stephen H Rhinesmith
Kristen Truempy
Robert M Steele
Erin Street
Megan M Amrich
Sonnathi Venkateshwarlu
Joan Vitello-Cicciu
Adam Horowitz
Rita Cleary
Ozioma Egwuonwu
Paula Ellis
Jill & Lou Zweier
Ellie Parker
A Fourth Act
Marshall V King
Andrew Devigal
Nick Sortal
Elahe Mehrel
Marshall King
Bil Mitchell
Barbara Gref 
Hilary Lehman
Anh Do