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ivoh | February 20, 2018

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Using poetry to make sense of the media world

Using poetry to make sense of the media world

Creative Commons photo by brewbooks.


By: Mallary Jean Tenore


ivoh community member Lee Anne McClymont, who attended our 2014 summit, says she often turns to poetry to sort out the media world.



This week, she sent us one of the many poems she’s written in recent years. Titled “Supplication,” the poem seems particularly relevant given the tragic news about James Foley and Steven Sotloff.

“As I witness the loss of life and light in journalists across the world, I cannot grow cynical,” said McClymont, who produces and hosts a local radio show called the Courage Cocktail. “Best now to hasten to our own immediate worlds and make them strong and indispensable to the creation and sustenance of hope. The future waits.”

We’re republishing McClymont’s poem here, with permission:


Kindred sister, in thy grace, 
Help me birth a gentler race. 
Place inside the meaning clear 
Through our voice disband the fear. 
Ford our way through wide and narrow 
Guide our vision through bone and marrow 
Still the noise and ply your craft 
With sound and vision restore the draft 
Till eventide the sea must rush 
Let moonbeams sweetly whisper “hush.” 
The end is near for family’s lost 
In time suspended– hope’s only cost. 
Restore the pledge to live in light 
Godspeed your craft 
With fortress might!



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