ivoh began in 1999 with a dialogue considering media’s impact on society among nearly two hundred practitioners in Manhattan. Participants realized much media content had predominantly negative effects on the public, but at the same time also thought that media can create meaningful, positive change.

For twenty years, ivoh partnered with journalists, photographers, gamers and filmmakers across the U.S. to promote and produce storytelling that in an effort to build empathy and compassion, and people across differences.

ivoh offered alternative approaches to creating narratives by widening the lens that media makers and audiences use to view the world. They built on research that shows focusing on progress and positive attributes unleashes individual and community capacity for good, supports recovery, and builds broad capabilities for resilience.

Because ivoh believes a change in our awareness precedes a change in perspective and thus what we create, we are committed to reflective practice to cultivate a media culture of authentic concern for community wellbeing as a means to foster empathy, respect and interconnection.

Judy Rodgers, Founder, Images and Voices of Hope

In December 2019,  ivoh merged with The Peace Studio (www.thepeacestudio.org) – recognizing that both organizations were deeply aligned in their missions, and in an effort to expand the reach the two organizations could have together in creating restorative narratives and developing and amplifying the voices of thought leaders, artists, journalists, and storytellers whose work promotes peacebuilding, social justice and community. Over the next few months, this ivoh website will be integrated with the current Peace Studio website to reflect the two organization’s respective histories and to put forward a shared vision for restoring our divided world through media.