The Fetzer Institute is helping to build the spiritual foundation for a loving world. They encourage the discovery of new ways of knowing our sacred world and personal spiritual exploration as we work toward transformed communities and societies in which all people can flourish. Their partnerships support work in a variety of disciplines and issue areas, such as the health of our democracy and the landscape of spirituality in society. They believe we must go beyond political, social, and economic strategies to address the psychological and spiritual roots of the world’s most critical issues.

The Stiller Family Foundation believes in helping people help themselves. Inherent in its philosophy are the core principles that guide its philanthropy: collaborating positively with others to achieve greater goals, realizing the potential that lies within every person and recognizing every individual’s capacity for success.

The Foundation is led by Bob and Christine Stiller and their children Jules, David and Christian. It is the culmination of Bob’s and Christine’s philanthropic work spanning many decades, and a continuation of many of the ideas that made Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, the company Bob founded, one of America’s best places to work and most highly regarded for corporate social responsibility.

The Whitman Institute advances social, political, and economic equity by funding dialogue, relationship building, and inclusive leadership. TWI’s trust-based approach to philanthropy is informed by a decade of experience that relationships are stronger and more effective when they are built on the foundation of trust. The institute’s co- executive director, John Esterle, is an ivoh board member.