Kevin Becker is a licensed clinical psychologist and senior partner with ORI Consulting, a global crisis consulting firm and has specialized in the areas of psychological trauma and crisis for nearly 30 years. He serves as the Director of Training & Technical Assistance to the national network of victim assistance academies for the Department of Justice, served as Clinical Instructor at the Harvard Medical School Department of Psychiatry and was Director of The Trauma Center in Boston, and was a founder and director of the Massachusetts Victim Assistance Academy.

Kevin has worked extensively with governments, organizations, and communities following major tragedies such as 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, the Sandy Hook/Newtown shootings, and the Boston Marathon bombings. He has assisted communities large and small, in preparing for and responding to a wide variety of tragedies ranging from high impact crimes to natural disasters. He produced an award-winning documentary entitled PTSD: Beyond Survival, authored globally-distributed manuals on caring for children and adults following disaster and tragedy.

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