Michelle is a stand-up comedian, actor, and freelance writer in Atlantic City, New Jersey. She has received the Atlantic City Weekly Nightlife Award for “Best Comedian” the past four years in a row. Last year her performance art piece was an official selection for the city-wide art festival 48 Blocks Atlantic City. In 2018, she accepted a four-year appointed seat on the Atlantic City Arts Commission. Her work as a comedian has been seen locally and in various venues around the country. As a writer, she has written everything from movie reviews to trade articles to poker columns. Currently Michelle covers local events in AC, Philadelphia and New York for the entertainment platform The City Pulse.

Project Description: Yo Eleven! The reason bettors yell “yo eleven” at the craps table is so the croupier doesn’t confuse the word eleven with the similarly sounding word seven. In the same vein this series of eleven in-depth interviews of year-round citizens of Atlantic City is titled Yo Eleven! This is to ensure that the often forgotten community of AC is not confused with the similar sounding casino openings, casino closings, celebrity appearances, state take-overs, violent crime perpetrated on tourists, and quarterly numbers on the casino industry that dominate most of the articles written about “America’s Playground”. Through both publication and performance this two-fold project will show that Atlantic City is more than its industry. It will give a face to its thriving arts and cultural community.

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