Christa Hillstrom is a senior editor at YES! where she covers women’s leadership, human rights and community economic development. Her work has been featured in publications including Marie Claire, Narrative Magazine and Additionally, Hillstrom runs Human Goods, a news and resource site about human trafficking.She has traveled throughout the United States, India and the Philippines to cover stories about human trafficking, migration and violence against women.

Project description: The Lakota Martial Arts Teacher Helping Native Women Recover Their Strength tells of self-defense workshops, Arming Sisters/Reawakening Warriors, and rediscovering strength for women who are survivors of violence in a Native American community. The story explores how Native American women who are survivors of trauma and abuse reclaim their narratives and bodies through martial arts.

In her own words: “”One of the things I’ve been struck by is how much Restorative Narrative seems to be an approach people are really yearning for. It’s also something all kinds of people can relate to…most of what we hear about sexual violence in the media is about terrible things happening, but very little is about the human capacity to heal, move on, and reclaim power. Talking about healing has a restorative quality in itself. It helps subjects see themselves as active and powerful agents in their own stories; and it helps readers—and reporters—see the world not as a place full of victims but as a place full of survivors, many of whom are leading the rest of us in promising directions.”

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