Editorial Policy

Welcome to ivoh.org, an initiative by English literature graduates turned amateur writers.

Content Standards

Content is researched thoroughly using credible sources, ensuring factual accuracy and depth.

We disclose all sources to maintain content integrity and trust with our readers. All content is original, crediting all inspirations and references according to best practices in academic honesty.

Editorial Review Process

Writers draft content based on the latest research, personal expertise, and interviews with industry professionals.

Drafts undergo peer review by fellow writers to ensure accuracy and completeness. Our editorial team approves content for publication, ensuring adherence to this policy.

Approved content is scheduled and published, contributing to ongoing discussions and developments in the literary field.

Ethics and Confidentiality

We protect the confidentiality of our sources and subjects as required or when requested. We commit to unbiased reporting, providing balanced views without preference or prejudice.

Rights and Permissions

We respect copyright laws and secure permissions for all third-party content reproduced on our site. We clearly define guidelines for user-submitted content to align with our editorial standards.

Feedback and Complaints

We value reader feedback and provide clear channels for submitting complaints or corrections related to our content. Feedback helps us improve and adapt our content strategies.

Continuous Improvement

Our Editorial Policy is reviewed annually to ensure it remains up-to-date with ethical standards and industry practices, ensuring relevancy and reliability.