Heidi Shin is an independent journalist based in Boston, Massachusetts. Heidi’s work has appeared broadly in publications and media outlets including National Geographic Television & Film, PBS’ To the Contrary, and PRI’s The World. Although her stories range in setting and topic, they always center around people whose voices might usually go unheard. Whether it be riding with rodeo champions in Chile or diving with elderly mermaids in South Korea, Shin is passionate about connecting with her subjects and telling their uncommon stories in a meaningful way.

Project description: Why a US health clinic suggests Cambodian treatments for everyday maladies, A young Liberian refugee, educated in America, chooses to move back ‘home’ and A day in the life of immigration limbo are a series about refugees, a population that is often misrepresented and unheard. The series of audio and multimedia vignettes, shares the voices and stories of resilient refugees in Boston.

In her own words: “Too often when people hear news stories about tragedy–be it war, poverty, natural disaster–their reaction is often to perceive those in the story as ‘other.’ There’s a sense of a relief that that’s not me, and a certain wall goes up. My goal in telling a restorative narrative is to move people away from this kind of thinking. Rather, I want to raise questions and encourage responses, such as, ‘I’d like to know more about that,’ and ‘That’s changed the way I see the world.’ To garner empathy and potentially even ask: ‘How can I respond or what can I do?'”

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